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Limelight Web Development is a leading provider of ColdFusion web development to clients throughout the United States.  We use ColdFusion 7, ColdFusion 8, and ColdFusion 9 running on Windows and Linux servers, leveraging our database expertise in MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and MS Access platforms.  These technologies combine to enable our rapid development cycle which allows us to create complex applications in a limited amount of time.

In comparison to ASP or PHP, our ColdFusion web development process is much faster and more flexible with superior integration with related web technologies such as .NET, Flash, various email protocols (POP, SMTP, IMAP), and enterprise-type data sources such as SAP.

Using this framework, Limelight Web Development has created a complete suite of both standard and custom ColdFusion web applications for our clients.  Our innovative approach to ColdFusion web development uses an Object-Oriented methodology to achieve our clients' goals and meet their business needs in a robust and responsive manner.

Call us at 704-909-7814 or write us for all of your ColdFusion web development needs.