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1 - Understand the business need
Limelight Web Development develops custom applications to address the underlying business needs of our client. Prior to delving into the technical aspects of the software solution, our best practices include a thorough understanding of the business environment in which the solution will be deployed. A high-level overview of the business model, key strategies, end user profile, and bottom-line contribution allow for consultative problem solving throughout the project, and allow for Limelight Web Development to offer maximum value and ROI to the client.

2 - Define requirements and project scope
Once the business need has been understood, the specific requirements and scope of the software solution will be specified. A detailed requirements and scope document is created describing the inputs, outputs, and capabilities of the desired application. Functionality for subsequent phases will also be defined, if applicable.

3 - Solution architecture
After requirements and scope have been specified, Limelight Web Development designs the architecture of the desired solution. This includes hardware requirements, data modeling, and integration with other systems.

4 - Software development
Once the solution architecture is created, we begin the coding process. Proper groundwork prior to this phase ensures maximum efficiency in the development process, maximizing quality and minimizing rework.

5 - Initial testing
Once software development is complete, Limelight Web Development undertakes its initial testing phase for the software. This includes running and optimizing the software for all desired platforms and configurations. Any bugs are identified and fixed.

6 - Client review and approval
After initial testing, a beta version will be made available to the client for review and approval. Additional within scope modifications to the application may be made at this time.

7 - Final testing and documentation
After client review and approval, we will conduct our final tests of the solution and create user documentation.

8 - User training
Upon completion of testing and documentation, Limelight Web Development will partner with the client to provide user training, either on-site or via web conference depending upon the terms of the original agreement.

9 - Go live and support

Once users are trained, the system will be implemented. We will provide performance monitoring and fix any glitches in the post go-live period until the system is stable and running for 1 year after go-live is always included.